How are the reviews about Flevo Sailing created?

Everybody who charters one of our yachts gets an email invitation to review his or her experience a few days after the charter period. Many of our clients followed that invitation and of course we are very happy about that. We cannot edit the reviews, by the way. You can be certain that we take your critical points to heart as well, making the necessary changes wherever possible.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed a review. You help us to keep improving our work!

Right here below, scrolling down a bit you can see the youngest reviews about Flevo Sailing as a charter base.  Expect the texts to be in Dutch or German for the biggest part. For those unfamiliar with Dutch rating systems: This one ranges from 1 to 10 points, with 10 standing for best. Want to feed some of the texts into Google translate? Just copy them directly from here!

In addition to such general feedback, our guests also get the option to include a specific review of the respective yacht they chartered.  You can read those additional reviews here – and each link will open in a new window:

Winner 900, Freya
Winner 10.10, Grutto
Winner 10.10, Right Now!²

Dufour 310 GL, Thijs
Dufour 382 GL, Athena

Jeanneau 33i, Renske
Jeanneau So 349, PaCaSiCa
Jeanneau SO 379, Tess