Privacy and data protection

Flevo Sailing, located at IJsselmeerdijk 2-17, 8221 RC Lelystad, The Netherlands, is responsible for the processing of your data as described in the declaration following here. You find our contact data at the footer of this page. Inside Flevo Sailing, Mele Coronato is your contact for all matters regarding privacy and data protection. She can be reached at or via the contact details below.

Types of personal data we collect and process
Flevo Sailing processes your personal data as soon as you use our products or services and / or as soon as you communicate your data to us. The latter usually occurs in the context of bookings and all related communications between you and us. This is the kind of personal data we process in such a case:

– Surname and family name
– Gender
– Address
– E-Mail address
– IP address
– Time and date of your visit on our website
– other personal data which you might actively communicate to us. For instance, during written communication or via phone.
– data regarding your navigation across our website (surfing)
– Type of internet browser and operating system
– Your bank account number, provided you made a definite booking with us and you choose bank transfer as the payment method. And / or in case you pay the deposit for our yachts or anything else (example: Rental of sailing gear or North Sea package) via EC card (aka normal bank card) upon you arrival at our office.

Special or sensitive data we process
We have no whatsoever intention to collect personal data from visitors aged 16 or younger, be that via our website or related services. Exception: Where such persons have a valid permission from their respective parents or legal custodian. We cannot verify the age of our visitors by ourselves, however, which is why we recommend that you as parents or legal custodian to take an active interest in the web surfing activities of your children / protégés. That is the only efficient way to prevent any of their personal data being collected without your consent. Should you have the impression that this does happen nevertheless, then please contact us at We´ll delete the respective data from our systems as soon as possible.

Flevo Sailing processes your personal data for the following scopes:

– for the booking procedure of your sailing yacht, sailing school or sailing event. Your name, address and additional contact data such as e-mail or phone are relevant.

– for processing all payments, from your side to us as well as vice versa (example; re-transfer of your previously paid safety deposit, or payout of possible credit amounts). For such actions we process your bank account number. That applies only in case you have paid something by bank transfer or via EC card (examples: The safety deposit or any extras booked upon arrival such as sailing gear, blankets).

– to guarantee insurance coverage for your chartered yacht. One of the preconditions for the latter is that with each new charter of one of our yachts, before handing over the yacht, we as charter base make a copy of your (skipper´s) ID document. We are then required by law to keep that copy until the end of the rental period. Should you have damaged the yacht, a longer period may apply until the related insurance and other documentation procedures are completed.
You have the option to let a us keep a copy of your ID, to enable a quicker checkin procedure a next time. Should we hear or read nothing explicit from you in this regard, we´ll assume that you do not wish this and we´ll proceed to delete your ID copy from our records after the rental period.

– for sending you our newsletter or brochures.
This from now on will happen only if you have given us your explicit consent. After having given your consent, you remain free to withdraw it at any time, without the need to state a reason.

– for being able to call you or send you an e-mail message, if necessary. In other words: For being able to perform our work efficiently. Examples here include a later arrival from your side or planning details to discuss / agree upon for a sailing school course or sailing event you booked with us.

– to inform you of a change in our products or services.
We analyse your movement across our website for two reasons only: To improve your user experience during your visit – and for improving our marketing. In doing so, we’re constantly adapting our offers to your wishes and preferences. We also want to be easily found in our global village. And one of the best ways to achieve that is by finding out: What are you really interested in and which search terms do you use when searching online for it?

– Flevo Sailing also processes personal data when we are legally obliged to do so. Our tax declarations fall under this category.

Automatic decisions
Flevo Sailing will not take decisions based upon an automatic processing of data: Those type of decisions can have substantial impact on a person and are usually generated by computer programmes or systems, without a human (someone from Flevo Sailing, for instance) having looked at the data prior to processing. Only exception from this rule: The special discount you’ll get as regular client whenever you log into our booking system with your own credentials and make a new booking! You´ll receive such credentials automatically, upon your first booking with us.

How long do we store your personal data?
Here is an overview of the time periods, per type of personal data.

Personal data including your address and other contact details: Until the end of the respective booking year inside our booking system. Seven years inside our accounting system.

Reason #1 is obligatory: Our accountant system.
In The Netherlands, companies established there are subject to the following tax regulation; All financial transaction data relevant to the company´s tax declarations must be stored for a period of seven years. Your booking documents (such as the invoice with your name and address on it) fall into this category. We must be able to present those documents in case of an inspection conducted by tax authorities.

Reason # 2 – optional: Our booking system. We store your client data for two reasons there:
1) To facilitate a quicker booking procedure with future bookings.
2) To be able to offer you a special discount as a regular with future bookings.
With your first booking, you´ll automatically get the status of a regular customer. You´ll be given your own login details to our booking site where a 5% price reduction will automatically be applied as soon as you book one of our yachts a next time.

Should you prefer not to have your personal data stored inside our booking system, just let us know at and we will proceed to delete it from our booking system. As said above that will happen towards the end of the respective booking year.
Please note that in such a case you won´t be able to claim your discount as a regular any more – obvious reason: We´ll have no records left then which might tell us that you are a returning customer.

Your bank account data:
Until you opt out, inside our booking system.
For an undetermined time, inside our own bank account.
For seven years inside our accountant system.

Your bank account data is stored in two cases:
1) As soon as you pay an invoice we sent you by bank transfer.
2) As soon as you pay the safety deposit upon arrival with your EC / direct debit bank card. In the latter case, normally your bank account details do not get transmitted. However, we can pay back your safety deposit much faster once we know your correct IBAN. Which is why we usually ask you yo write it down for us. The piece of paper where you noted that IBAN is safely deleted immediately after we made our payment.

Would you prefer not to have your IBAN stored inside our booking system? Just let us know via and we´ll proceed to remove it. This will happen at the end of the repsective booking year.
There are cases where we must keep your bank detaisl in our systems nevertheless:
1) In case you damaged one of our yachts. We´ll have to keep your bank details then, until we know what the exact amount will be which we´ll have to retain form your safety deposit. The rest of your deposit will be paid out to you – and fo rthat we´ll need your IBAN.

Also, please keep in mind that our bank, Triodos, does keep its own records among which all financial transactions of our company.
In other words: Even after we deleted your bank account details from our booking system, they still may remain stored as records of our Triodos bank. Same applies for our own account system of which, as said before, we are obliged to store the pertaining records for seven years. Your bank account details are relevant here: We import all our bank transactions automatically and periodically, in order to correctly associate payments to invoices. Incoming and outgoing payments alike.

Forwarding personal data to a third party
Flevo Sailing will never sell your personal data to a third party.
We will, however, forward your personal data in two cases:
1) When we are legally obliged to do that and
2) for the scope of fulfilling our contractual obligations towards you. With our business partners with whom we may cooperate for such a scope we have made specific data protection agreements. Agreements apt to guarantee that those partners apply the very same level of scrutiny in terms of privacy and data protection as we do. Our current partner, the one who provides our booking system, is such a business partner.

Cookies or comparable technologies we apply
Flevo Sailing uses analytical, function and so called tracking cookies on this website. Cookies are tiny text files stored locally in the browser of your computer, smartphone or tablet, as soon as you visit our website for the first time. The cookies we use have prevalently function-enhancing character which means: They ensure that your browsing and navigating experience through our website will be a smooth and easy one. Because contents are loading fast, are displayed correctly. And your preferences in this regard, where you did set them, are remembered, for a potential next visit. That having said, we also place cookies which trace your movement across our site. Reason: This enables us to tailor our content to your interests. The cookies will create statistics and therewith inform us about your preferences.

Upon your first visit to our site we already informed you about our use of cookies. We also asked your permission regarding their placement in your browser. It is your free decision to either permit or refute such a cookie placement. Same goes for your decision how long you want the cookies to be stored. You can set this kind of browser preferences in the ´options´ menu of your browser, under ´privacy and security´.

See, adapt or delete your personal data stored in our systems
You have the right to revoke that permission at any time. Also, you can object the way we collect or store your data. In that context you also have the right to be informed about the type of personal data we have stored about you, including the right for data transmission. The latter means that you can ask us to send you a digital copy of the data we have stored and have us adapt, correct or completely delete your data from our system. The data copy can be sent directly to you or to an organisation you specify. If you wish to do this, please contact us at  Also, we like to inform you that you can file complaints about us at the Dutch authority for personal data, the Autorieit Persoongegevens. This is their website.

How we protect your data
Flevo Sailing regards the confidentiality of your personal data as very important, just as the resulting need to protect your data.
Reason why we took some specific measures to ensure that any abuse, loss, unintended modification, publication or other type of unauthorised use of your personal data is efficiently prevented. Should you nevertheless have the impression that this is not the case, then please don´t hesitate to get in touch at

These are the measures Flevo Sailing has taken to protect your data:

– Hosting our website with a provider who is renowned in the field for his vast knowledge and very active interest in all matters regarding privacy and data protection: Greenhost Amsterdam.

– Use of the respective youngest version of the CMS (content management system) WordPress – and very regular updates of that software including all plugins. Our website runs on a so called Genesis Framework – and yes our site admin credentials are changed often and very hard to guess.

– Use of TLS (former knowns as SSL) encryption. We send our data via a secure internet connection. You can see this by the https:// preceding the of our site url – and by the little lock symbol directly left to the url.

Of course the best digital data protection measures are pointless where physical access to your data – or to printed documents containing your data – is still left to chance. That´s why we also do the following, per default:

– Whenever paper containing some of your data gets deleted, it happens with a paper shredder of the security standard P4. That is the same standard used by lawyers and notaries.

– Access to our computer and administrative offices is only possible to our Flevo Sailing team. In other words: At no time unauthorised persons will be alone in those rooms or near our computers, without someone of our team present. Also, our computers are password protected. Real passwords and not written down anywhere – no, not under our keyboards! 😉

Any questions about this topic?
Just contact us, we’ll be happy to answer them!    phone: +31 88 0504192