Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, in Dutch waters for ships with a maximum length of 15 metres (50ft) and a maximum speed of 20 kmh (12.42 mph) you don't need a formal qualification as long as you cruise in Dutch waters. All of our ships fall into this category. Of course we will expect you to be suitably prepared and to know how to safely handle a ship when you charter one of our yachts.
Yes, that is certainly possible. We have several expert and professionally trained instructors who know their cruising areas very well. They are able to give you specific instruction and advice. One of your options here, for instance, would be to book an instructor for the first day of your charter and to exercise together the handling of your ship inside the marina: A fine proven method to get familiar with the ship. Another option, equally popular, is to get specific gennaker training or to explore the tidal waters of the fantastic Wadden Sea together with one of our instructors.
You have the choice to either pay the deposit in advance by bank transfer or upon arrival, then in cash or by PIN code (Maestro / EC card). Currently we can't accept credit cards.
Generally speaking, your ship is already fully equipped with practically everything you need for sailing and living aboard. You can find a detailed list of items right here on our website, near the description of the respective ship. That having written, here are some things you should bring aboard by yourself: Sailing gear, warm clothes (yes even in summer!), a blanket or a sleeping bag, sun protection and sun glasses. Plus all the usual items for your personal care. Furthermore, highly recommended for living aboard are comfortable shoes with a rubber sole. You'll move safely aboard with these and also protect the surface of the ship. Dutch marinas have excellent sanitary facilities, almost without exception. They feature warm showers, washing machines and tumble dryers, accessible 24/7 at very affordable prices. Blankets and high quality sailing gear (Henry Lloyd) can also be rented from us - should that be an interesting option, please let us know well in advance, especially during high season.==
No, unfortunately this is not possible, here is why: We are bound by the terms and conditions of HISWA which has strict regulations in this regard. If you wish, however, you have the option to take out a cancellation insurance for this eventuality. Various insurance agencies offer this kind of contract and if you wish we can advise you, or intermediate. An insurance fee of about 5,1% of the total booking amount is considered normal in The Netherlands for these types of insurance.
We expect you to give the yacht back to us just like you received it, including a (re-)filled fuel tank. Everything you or your crew brought aboard should be removed from the ship upon your return. That includes waste and empty bottles. Winch handles should be placed on the chart table, the sea maps, plotter and the tidal calendar (the DIN A4 sized book called HP33) should be put back inside the chart table. Gas supply should be closed (switch position: 90 degree angle to the conduct tube). Please also store any sailing gear and safety jackets in a way that allows them to dry if you did wear them in rainy weather. With the latter, you'll help to avoid that the safety jackets will auto-inflate.