Welcome to Flevo Sailing!

We are a cabin sailing yachtcharter located directly at the Dutch IJsselmeer. More precisely, on the premises of Flevo Marina, centrally located within The Netherlands. Our top modern, well-equipped sailing yachts range from 30 to 46 feet. All of them are seagoing yachts. We will personally be present at the charter base upon your arrival and departure – and between those times, we’ll be available 24/7 via phone and email, for any assistance you might need.

Here below you can see all of our sailing yachts currently available. First, select the charter period you´re interested in. If you wish, also specify one or more equipment options then. Alternatively, you could jump directly to a specific yacht which you might know already (your preference). At that point you could directly book the yacht of your choice – or get in contact with us, for a non-binding offer. The latter is a good idea in case you’re interested in a mixed period of, say, long weekend with midweek or similar. We’re quite flexible! More details about each of the yachts can be found right here above at the top menu item The Yachts.

Per default, the following items will always be already included in the prices shown: Automatic life vests for the entire crew, the youngest edition of water charts 1810 (IJsselmeer) and 1811 (Wadden Sea), ANWB Water almanacs I and II and the tidal table HP33 (includes current schemes). Besides those paper editions, each of our yachts features a modern colour plotter, loaded with the newest Navonics software.