Buy & Charter

Do you have plans for buying a new sailing yacht? Or do you consider to charter out a new sailing yacht you just bought? If so, we got a fine cooperation to propose.

As a yacht owner, Flevo Yachtcharter offers you the possibility to keep sailing your yacht almost for free throughout the year in terms of costs, without any worries. While you can sail it as often and as long as you wish. Without having to invest any time or work in technical maintenance or repairs. The keyword for such a construct is buy & charter.

Briefly put, here is how it works:
You buy a sailing yacht, provide it with insurance coverage and the costs for booking an annual berth at our marina. Then you sail your yacht whenever and for how long you wish during that year (or longer, obviously depends on the contract). We take care of the complete maintenance of your yacht and we market your ship to other sailors who can book it for brief periods of time. Therewith, we will generate income from your yacht. Because with the buy & charter construct, whenever you don’t use your ship you can choose to make it available to other sailors. Which of course also contains a “catch” worth to consider: Buy & Charter is suitable for you if the idea of other sailors using your yacht does not give you a restless mind. What we can guarantee: We’d handle all the procedures around that activity, from preparations between one charter and the next to a carefully documented technical maintenance, marketing & communications. Any by skills and experience, we are fully qualified for that. Including the booking processes and all related administration. Once every trimester you would get a statement about the income generated and – if applicable –  the works done on your ship.

In other words: You’d have the option to have lots of sailing fun, minimise your costs and even generate additional income for yourself at the same time. Interesting detail: For professional charter purposes, we are allowed to buy a sailing yacht directly from some shipyards. Including interesting discounts. And should you decide to buy and charter out your yacht for business purposes, no VAT would be applicable to the purchase amount – at least that’s our current state of knowledge.
In other words, you might have to pay substantially less for the yacht in such a case.

How would your ship be used?
The yachts available via Flevo Yacthcharter’s sailing fleet are chartered for our three main business activities:
Within our charter programs for leisure sailors. During our corporate sailing events or for the sailing courses of our sailing school. The latter is a sailing school for adults, teaching (prevalently in Dutch and German) only advanced sailing specials. Among which sail trim, training for sailing in the Mediterranean sea, night sailing, manoeuvres under engine power, etc.

In either such a case, you as yacht owner will receive 65% of the respective income thus generated. While we ensure that your ship stays in top condition during the entire contract time we agreed upon. Besides keeping your yacht clean at all times, this also would include qualified technical maintenance and inspections to be done on a very regular base. Together with you we will discuss and agree upon scope and type(s) of these maintenance works to perform, prior to starting them.

At this point in time, we are especially looking for new cabin sailing yachts with a minimum of 3 cabins.  Charter perspectives are excellent for these.

Does that sound interesting? Then contact us for details! Feel free to make an appointment with us and meet us for a talk, any time. We´ll take the time to answer all your questions and lay out our proposal in more detail.

Also, we prepared a brochure about our Buy & Charter offer which explains that concept in a nutshell.
Read or Download it here:
Buy & Charter Concept Flevo Sailing